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Translation Services

A range of specialist translation services from English-French in the fields of Social Science, Humanities and ICT.

Translation of Academic Articles and Books

Traduction articles ouvrages SHS NTIC Lettres et Arts

By calling upon an experienced specialist translator for your articles and books, you are guaranteed a rigorously accomplished translation that meets the required standards of your field. The translation of research texts requires not only a perfect knowledge of the two languages in question but also an awareness of the specific demands of academic research. Furthermore, it is important to entrust your text to someone with the necessary research skills to contextualise your research. This ensures that strict coherency with other publications is maintained (yours, or those of your colleagues), that the appropriate technical vocabulary is employed (based on existing publications in the target language) and that your work is adapted to its new audience not only linguistically but also culturally, by taking into account the differences between academic fields in different countries.

At LGTraductions, it is this specialist knowledge, as well as experience in the fields of Social Science, the Humanities and ICT, that will be brought to bear upon the translations you request.

Traduction communications SHS NTIC Lettres et Arts

An MP3 recording of native pronunciation can be provided for any text intended for an oral presentation in order to allow you to better prepare for your paper.

Translation of other Academic Documents

Other documents translated include proposals for papers, CFPs, book/thesis abstracts and peer reviews (for which you can count upon complete confidentiality).