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Lucy Garnier: Specialist Academic Translator

A University-trained Translator with Extensive Experience of Academic Texts

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St. John's College Oxford (c) Stuart Yates

Lucy Garnier holds a BA in French Studies from the University of London, a maîtrise and a DEA (Masters) in French Literature from the Sorbonne nouvelle, and a Masters in Women’s Studies and a Doctorate in French Literature from the University of Oxford (St. John’s College). She has extensive experience in writing and translating academic articles, funding applications, project reports, CFP’s, publication announcements, book/thesis abstracts and institutional websites.

As someone who has been bilingual and bicultural since childhood, and who also benefits from an in-depth knowledge of French, British and American academia, she is ideally placed to provide you with solutions to your academic translation needs from French to English and from English to French.

Within the context of her own research in the field of French literature, she has many publications in French and in English to her name. Her translation activities extend beyond her research specialism to include linguistics, the social sciences, the humanities and some areas of ICT.

The Benefits of Entrusting your Academic Translations to an Experienced Professional

By giving your texts to an academic with extensive experience of the research world (from funding applications to dissemination of results to project progress reports), you can be sure that you will be provided with a quality translation that respects the standards of your discipline.

Your translator will use her proven research skills to ensure that your text is adapted to both the linguistic and cultural specificities of its new audience, calling systematically upon the relevant books and articles in the field to aid her in this task.

Furthermore, by working with a professional used to the specific constraints of academia, you will be ensured great flexibility and the systematic meeting of agreed deadlines.

As her own research has provided her with experience in the field of editing texts, you can also be sure of your translator’s extreme attention to detail: the format of your finished document will meet the same high standards as its linguistic content.

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Finally, strong computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Pages, Keynote, etc. and basic notions of LaTeX) will ensure that the format of your text or presentation will be handled without problems and returned without requiring any further adaptation on your part.

Furthermore, proficiency in html and php enables website translations to be carried out directly in the original file, saving you time as you won't need to extract the textual elements to be translated.